About Me

My fashion is my first line of expression and I do what ever it takes to make sure I make a big impression. Just saying, i’m out there and I like my look to compliment my flare and I don’t care what anyone thinks. I have traveled all over the world looking for amazing fashion fascinations and faux pas’. And everywhere I have been I have seen some of the most beautiful expressions of talent and creativity and outfits have ever shown me. I love to experience life to the fullest and see it all with my own 2 eyes. I try and take a little piece of every experience I have away with  me and incorporate it into a  new fashion expression. My life and my wardrobe are a journey in creativity. One I have immortalized memory by memory and that I get to enjoy time and again each time I wear an outfit. What does every one else think of my expression? That.. is not my issue!

Unique, Out There Fashions From Around the World